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BCS SGAI - The Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence

UKKDD 2017 - May 8th 2017

Copies of some of the speakers' slides are now available here.
A video of the event is available on YouTube here.

AI Accelerator: 'An Introduction to Data Mining and Predictive Analytics', Dr Frederic Stahl, University of Reading
Wednesday July 5th 2017
A free evening event at the BCS London office

Click here for details

6th October 2017 - British Computer Society London Office
Real AI 2017 /MI Competition 2017

Designed to showcase practical applications of artificial intelligence, of particular interest to business and industry. (Includes the 2017 BCS Machine Intelligence Competition.)

Fees:£90 (plus VAT) for BCS and SGAI members and £100 (plus VAT) for others, including lunch and refreshments. A special fee of £50 + VAT is available for students.


SGAI, the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence, was founded in June 1980. It is one of Europe's longest established groups working to support the community of artificial intelligence developers and users.

SGAI has organised an annual international conference since 1981, as well as colloquia, evening lectures and other events of many kinds.

SGAI is a Specialist Group of The British Computer Society and has been a member of EurAi, the European Association for Artificial Intelligence (formerly known as ECCAI), since 1992.

The Group's mission

To foster achievement, capability and awareness in both business and research in Artificial Intelligence, and to promote the interests of the related community.

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