8th UKCBR Workshop - Peterhouse, Cambridge - 15th December 2003




08.30 0930                 Registration for UKCBR Workshop and AI2003                   


            Session 1                   Chair: Brian Lees                   


            Welcome and Introduction


A Hybrid Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Manufacturing Technology Project Evaluation

Kim Hua Tan1, Chee Peng Lim2,

Hooi Shen Koay2,  Ken Platts1

1 University of Cambridge

2 University of Science, Malaysia


Similarity Metrics for Reuse of Software Design using CBR


Markus Wolf and

Miltos Petridis

University of Greenwich



A Compositional Case Adaptation Approach to Multiple Disorder Diagnostic Problem Solving


Wenqi Shi, John Barnden

University of Birmingham


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            Session 2                   Chair: Miltos Petridis              


Meta data to guide retrieval in CBR for software cost prediction

Rahul Premraj, Martin Shepperd and

Michelle Cartwright


Bournemouth University



Enhancing the Usability of Numerical Models with Case-Based Reasoning


Fei Ling Woon1, Brian Knight2,

Miltos Petridis2,

Pierre Chapelle2, Mayur Patel2


1 Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia

2 University of Greenwich


Explanation in Case-Based Reasoning: an Evidential Approach


David McSherry


University of Ulster


Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Case Adaptation in Case Based Reasoning Systems


K. Hasan, U. Hasan, N. Mahmood, M. A. Anwar

NUST Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan




            Session 3                   Chair: David McSherry                       


An investigation into applying Case-Based Reasoning to Multiple Heterogeneous Case Bases


Elena I Teodorescu and Miltos Petridis


University of Greenwich


Maintaining Indexing Knowledge and Use of Index Based Partitioning for CBR Retrieval


I. Y. Lodhi, U. Hasan, N. Mahmood,

M. A. Anwar

NUST Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan


Integrating Knowledge Sources and Acquiring Vocabulary for Textual CBR

Sutanu Chakraborti1, Sailaja Ambati1,

Vivek Balaraman1 and Deepak Khemani2

1Tata Research Development & Design Centre, India

2Indian Institute of Technology





            End of Workshop                 


Tea / Coffee               




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