Poster Sessions

Poster presenters will be provided with a 2*1m (6.6*3.3 feet) poster board during the conference. You are free to choose the page size for your poster but remember that the poster board size is from floor level so your poster size should ideally start well above floor level. Generally in the past A2 posters have worked best in terms of visibility and clarity. Laminated posters are best and sticky bits that go on the back will be provided.

There will be a cash prize for the best poster voted for by the conference delegates.

Posters Accepted for Presentation

Application Stream

Adoption of New Technologies in a Highly Uncertain Environment: The Case of Egyptian Public Banks
A. Khedr and H. Borgam (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation Server: A Progressing Testbed for AI Researchers
Mohammad Ali Darvish Darab (Shahriar Azad University, Iran) and Mosalam Ebrahimi (City University, UK)

Review of Current Crime Prediction Techniques
Vikas Grover, Max Bramer (University of Portsmouth, UK) and Richard Adderley (A.E.Solutions, UK)

Data Assimilation of Biological Model Using Genetic Algorithims
Manoj Thakur and Kusum Deep (Indian Institue of Technology, India)

Technical Stream

Improving the Interpretability of Classification Rules in Sparse Bioinformatics Datasets
James Smaldon and Alex A. Freitas (University of Kent, UK)

An Agent-Based Approach to Non-Distributed and Distributed Clustering
Ireneusz Czarnowski and Piotr Jedrzejowicz (Gdynia Maritime University, Poland)

Transparency of Computational Intelligence Models
Peter Owotoki and Friedrich Mayer-Lindenberg (TU Hamburg-Harburg, Germany)

Exploring Web Search Results Clustering
Xiaoxia Wang and Max Bramer (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Case-based Intention Selection for Autonomous Agent that Acts in Structured Synthetic Worlds
Haris Supic (University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

On Clustering Attribute-oriented Induction
Maybin Muyeba, M.Sulaiman Khan and Zhiguo Gong (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Chinese Text Clustering for Topic Detection Based on Word Pattern Relation
Yen-Ju Yang and Su-Hsin Yu

Text Classification Using Language Independent Pre-processing
Yanbo J. Wang, Frans Coenen, Paul Leng and Robert Sanderson (University of Liverpool, UK)