Information for Speakers

10 Tips for Good Presentations

  1. As a guide use no more than one slide per minute of your talk. If you have more it is probable you are going to run out of time.
  2. Use large fonts (40pt for titles and 30pt for text). If you can't fit all your text on you are trying to say too much on one slide.
  3. Keep colours simple, only using them for emphasis.
  4. If you are making a computer presentation light colours (white or yellow) against a dark background (black or blue) show up best.
  5. Don't use sound, video or complex images unless essential to your presentation.
  6. If you include diagrams with text in them make sure the text is legible, otherwise what is the point of showing the diagram.
  7. Practice and time your presentation. If using PowerPoint use the "Rehearse Timings" feature. The session chair will NOT let you have more time.
  8. At the conference arrive early and introduce yourself to the session chair as soon as possible.
  9. Don't read verbatim from your slides, the audience can read. You should be explaining what is on the slide whilst it reinforces your key points.
  10. Relax and enjoy yourself.