AI in Industry Day

On Thursday 11 December, the conference will focus on the application of AI in real world situations, and will include a number of papers and presentations from authors in industry, including this year's application keynote presentation.

The second session of the day will be dedicated to Industry Applications of AI, and will feature the following presentations.

Autonomous threat detection in the MoD Grand Challenge

Dr. Toby P. Breckon, Stellar Team

The MoD grand challenge was to create a system with a high degree of autonomy that can detect, identify, monitor and report a comprehensive range of military threats in an urban environment. Here we discuss the realities of this challenge as faced by the challenge winners, Stellar Team, and concentrate on the autonomous aspects of platform navigation, co-ordination and computer vision based threat detection. The SATURN (Sensing & Autonomous Tactical Urban Reconnaissance Network) solution exploits both innovative threat detection and intelligent asset management algorithms within a fully autonomous system comprising of both ground and air vehicle platforms that operate using an adaptive radio communications network.

Location-Based Services in an Enterprise Environment

Dr Graham Buckberry, Siemens Enterprise Communications Limited and Beverley Cook, Siemens Enterprise Communications Limited/University College London

With the current trend to more mobile and location-independent working, encouraged by improvements in communication and collaboration systems, such as Unified Communications, Location-Based Services can provide great benefits for enterprise. As an example, we present our work to produce a system to automate the updating of presence information within the Unified Communication system produced by Siemens Enterprise Communications Ltd, which involved the development of a solution concept to provide location information which can be translated into presence status automatically. We also discuss the issues inherent in introducing location systems within enterprise, such as the legal and ethical issues regarding tracking and monitoring employees, and the methods we have used to counteract them.

Debatescape: Challenges and Opportunities in Understanding and Using Textual User Generated Content

Dr Simon Thompson, BT

Users are able to use the internet to share and develop opinions and stories about companies' goods and services. Companies would like to understand what is being said and to get involved in the debate. BT have run forums that enable corporate participation, and Simon Thompson will report on these, as well as describing the challenges of managing interaction on the wider internet and the technologies that BT have been implementing that enable the conversation between "us and them"!

TrueKnowledge: The Internet Answer Engine

Mitch Pender, True Knowledge

True Knowledge is a pioneer in a new class of Internet search technology that's aimed at dramatically improving the experience of finding known facts on the Web. True Knowledge's first service - the True Knowledge Answer Engine - is a major step toward fulfilling a longstanding Internet industry goal: providing consumers with instant answers to complex questions, with a single click.