Real Artificial Intelligence



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Real Artificial Intelligence

A special one-day event showcasing
Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Friday 2nd October 2020

British Computer Society London Office
25 Copthall Avenue
Ground Floor

Please note new location of BCS London office

Nearest undergrounds: Moorgate and Liverpool Street

Organised by BCS-SGAI

BCS-SGAI, the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence, is the organiser of one of the longest running annual series of AI conferences in Europe: the AI-20xx series. In recent years we have seen a rise in popularity of one aspect of the conference: the industry case studies. These have presented AI as it is actually implemented out there in the real world, with all the triumphs and challenges that brings. 

Building on this success, we are pleased to present Real Artificial Intelligence, a new one-day series of meetings showcasing practical applications of AI.

We have aimed the event less at deep AI specialists and more at those who may be interested in understanding what AI can offer, and what it is doing right now. The event will feature talks from leading exponents and case studies outlining practical applications of AI from a wide range of application domains. Plenty of time has been allowed in the programme for discussion.

The registration fee for the event for those registering before or on Friday September 18th will be £90 (plus VAT) for BCS and SGAI members, £50 for students and £100 (plus VAT) for others. After September 18th a late registration surcharge of £10 (plus VAT) will be added.

We hope that you will come and join us, and that you enjoy this new offering from the BCS SGAI.

Gilbert Owusu BT PLC
Chair, Real Artificial Intelligence 2020