British Computer Society
Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence

Annual General Meeting

Thursday December 16th 2010 at Peterhouse College, Cambridge


Members Present

Aladdin Ayesh, Max Bramer, Alan Bundy, Richard Ellis, Rosemary Gilligan, Adrian Hopgood, Alice Kerly, Miltos Petridis, Ariadne Tampion

The Chair welcomed all members present, in particular Mr. Richard Ellis, previously a long-standing committee member, who had recently rejoined the Group.

1. Chairman's Report

The Chairman's report was presented to the meeting. A proposal to approve the report was carried nem con (proposer: Prof. M.A.Bramer, seconder Ms. R.Gilligan).

2. Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's report was presented to the meeting. A proposal to approve the report was carried nem con (proposer: Ms. R.Gilligan, seconder Prof. M.A.Bramer).

3. Proposal to Amend the Specialist Group's Constitution

A proposal by the Chair, seconded by Dr. Miltos Petridis, to amend the constitution by adding a new paragraph 5.4.4 was approved nem con. The new paragraph reads "5.4.4 Any committee vacancies remaining after the AGM and any casual vacancies arising after the AGM may be filled by a simple majority vote of the Group's committee. Members appointed in this way shall serve until the beginning of the following AGM."

4. Election of Committee Members

By the close of nominations on Thursday December 9th, the following four nominations had been received.

Name Affiliation Proposer/Seconder
Dr. Ariadne Tampion Icogno Ltd Prof. Adrian Hopgood
Prof. Max Bramer
Dr. Aladdin Ayesh De Montfort University, Leicester Prof. Max Bramer
Prof. Adrian Hopgood
Dr. Daniel Neagu University of Bradford Professor Apostolos Vourdas
Dr. Andrea Cullen
Mr. Pat Fogarty De Montfort University, Leicester Professor Robert John
Prof. Adrian Hopgood

As there were four candidates for four vacancies no election was necessary and the Chair declared that the candidates listed above had all been elected for 3 years beginning at the close of the 2010 AGM.