AI Communications: Online

SGAI is a long-standing member of ECCAI, the European Co-ordinating Committee on Artificial Intelligence, an organisation which has member societies in virtually every country in both Western and Eastern Europe.

ECCAI is now making the full text of its international journal AI Communications available free of charge to SGAI members via the world-wide web. All issues from volume 10 to the present are currently available. Other issues will be added on a regular basis.

The print version of AI Communications is also available to individual members of SGAI at a discounted rate.

An identifier and a password for accessing the AI Communications electronic archive have been sent to all paid-up SGAI members. Email if you wish to be reminded of these. New identifiers and passwords will be issued regularly.

When first accessing the system go to and log in. There is an option for the system to remember your login.

Once logged in, you can go to the AI Communications site which is at

Alternatively, the address to access the current issue of AI Communications is:

Copies of papers can be downloaded directly from the website by logged in users.