Knowledge Based Systems Journal: Special Issue

AI-2008, Cambridge, England, 9th-11th December 2008 Volume 22, Issue 7, October 2009


M A Bramer, University of Portsmouth, UK

Technical Stream

Best Refereed Technical Paper (sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Ltd.)
On the Classification Performance of TAN and General Bayesian Networks
Michael G. Madden (College of Engineering & Informatics, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland)

Designing a Feedback Component of Intelligent Tutoring System for Foreign Language
Anita Ferreira (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile), John Atkinson (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile)

Discovering Implicit Intention-Level Knowledge from Natural-Language Texts
John Atkinson (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile), Anita Ferreira (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile), Elvis Aravena

Exploring Design Space For An Integrated Intelligent System
N. Hawes and J. Wyatt and A. Sloman (University of Birmingham, UK)

A user-extensible and adaptable parser architecture
John Tobin and Carl Vogel (School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland)

EMADS: An Extendible Multi-Agent Data Miner
Kamal Ali Albashiri, Frans Coenen and Paul Leng (University of Liverpool, UK)

Application Stream

Best Refereed Application Paper
Wireless LAN Load-Balancing with Genetic Algorithms
Ted Scully and Kenneth N. Brown (University College Cork, Ireland)

Silog: Speech Input Logon
Sergio Grau, Tony Allen and Nasser Sherkat (Nottingham Trent University, UK)

Deploying Embodied AI into Virtual Worlds
D.J.H.Burden (Daden Limited)

Executing Medical Guidelines on the Web: Towards Next Generation Healthcare
M. Arguello (University of Manchester), J. Des (Hospital Dr. Julian Garcia), M.J. Fernandez-Prieto (University of Salford), R. Perez (Hospital Dr. Julian Garcia) and H. Paniagua (University of Wolverhampton)

An Electronic Tree Inventory for Arboriculture Management
R.J. Tait, T.J. Allen, N. Sherkat, and M. Bellett-Travers (Nottingham Trent University, UK)