Knowledge Based Systems Journal: Special Issue

ES98, Cambridge, England, 14-16 December 1998 Volume 12, Numbers 5-6, October 1999



M A Bramer, University of Portsmouth, UK

Application Stream

Best Application Paper
A Web Based CBR System for HVAC Sales Support
D Gardingen: Western Air Ltd, Australia; I Watson: University of Salford, UK

Large Scale Knowledge Based Systems for Airborne Decision Support
H Howells, A Davies: DERA, UK; B Macauley: MOD, UK; R Zancanato: Cambridge Consultants Ltd, UK

PCONFIG: A Web-Based Configuration Tool for Build-to-Order Products
P Slater, Digital Equipment Scotland Ltd, UK

ACCELERE: a Case-Based Design Assistant for Closed Cell Rubber Industry
O Herbeaux, A Mille: LISA, France

Using Statistical Models and Case-Based Reasoning in Claims Prediction: Experience from a Real-World Problem
J Daengdej, D Lukose and R Murison: The University of New England, Australia

Internet-Based Decision Support for Evidence-Based Medicine
J Simpson: Peat Marwick McLintock, UK; J Kingston: University of Edinburgh, UK; N Molony: Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK

Design Engineering: A Need to Rethink the Solution Using KBE
C Chapman, M Pinfold: University of Warwick, UK

Technical Stream

Best Technical Paper
Strategic Induction of Decision Trees
D McSherry: University of Ulster, UK

Pruning Boosted Classifiers with a Real-valued Genetic Algorithm
S Thompson: University of Portsmouth, UK

MVC - A Preprocessing Method to Deal with Missing Values
A Ragel, B Crémilleux: Université de Caen, France

CG-SGL: A Front-end Language for Conceptual Graph Knowledge Bases
S Coulondre: Université Montpellier II, France

Case-Based Reasoning is a Methodology not a Technology
I Watson: University of Salford, UK

On Rule Interestingness Measures
A Freitas, CEFET-PR, Brazil

Knowledge Modelling for a Generic Refinement Framework
R Boswell, S Craw: The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen , UK