Knowledge Based Systems Journal: Special Issue

ES99, Cambridge, England, 13th-15th December 1999 Volume 13, Numbers 2-3, April 2000


M A Bramer, University of Portsmouth, UK

Technical Stream

Best Refereed Technical Paper
The KRAFT Architecture for Knowledge Fusion and Transformation
A.Preece et al. (University of Aberdeen, UK)

Knowledge Management Through Multi-Perspective Modelling: Representing and Distributing Organisational Memory
J.Kingston (University of Edinburgh) and A.Macintosh (Napier University)

Automating Case Selection in the Construction of a Case Library
D.McSherry (University of Ulster)

Algorithms for Computing Association Rules Using a Partial-Support Tree
G.Goulbourne et al. (University of Liverpool)

CAPE: Extending CLIPS for the Internet
R.Inder (University of Ednburgh)

Structured Cases in CBR - Reusing and Adapting Cases for Timetabling Problems
E.Burke et al. (University of Nottingham)

Application Stream

Best Refereed Application Paper
Sky's the Limit - A personalised TV Listings Service for the Digital Age
B.Smyth (University College Dublin) and P.Cotter (Changing Worlds Ltd, University College Dublin).

AI Planning - Solutions for Real World Problems
R.S. Aylett, G.J. Petley, P.W.H. Chung, B. Chen, J. Soutter, D.W.Edwards

Creating Knowledge Maps by Exploiting Dependent Relationships
J.L. Gordon

Improved Modelling and Control of Oil and Gas Transport Facility Operations Using AI
M.Neuroth, P. Vamplew, P. MacConnell, F. Stronach

Multiple Algorithms for Fraud Detection
R. Wheeler, S. Aitken

Towards The Application of CBR to Decision-Making in Concurrent Product Development (Concurrent Engineering)
B. Haque, R.A. Belecheanu, R.J. Barson, K.S. Pawar